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Cleaning the computer

Cleaning your computer and your computer components and peripherals helps keep the components and computer in good working condition and helps keep the computers from spreading germs. In the picture to the right, is a good example of how dirty the inside of your computer case can get. In this example, its obvious that all the dirt build up will prevent proper air flow and may even prevent the fan from working.

Computer cable clutter  

Computer running slow

Essentially, a computer slows down because of an increased demand on resources. Over time we add: music, games, pictures, MOVIES!; and these begin to use up the finite resources of the computer. Before long, there are too many processes running, too little Memory and Disk Space available.

Onsite Repair

Drop off

Remote Service

Recycle your old Computer

Help the environment by properly disposing of hazardous waste by recycling your unwanted electronics.

PC GUY offers Pickup service at your home or  your office within the Vancouver area. please call for more Info.

Unwanted Programs

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